Confused on what to wear for the next cocktail party? Or maybe a wedding is coming up and the same old Indian attire bore you? Well, no matter what your situation is, we at Fancyano have it sorted for you.

If you are someone who needs an amalgamation of comfort and fashion, then Indo-Western wear is what you need. Also known as fusion wear, the Indo-western wear brings in the best of both worlds (Indian and western). So, what exactly is the Indo-western wear? It is basically a combination of western patterns with Indian designs. The best example for this is the Indianized gowns.

So, why is fusion wear popular? Firstly, the fusion garments are highly trendy without losing the Indian touch. Secondly, they are perfect for any occasion. Thirdly, they are neither too Indian-ish nor too modern, thus, women of any age group can rock the fusion wear.  Finally, it suits all body types, making you look insanely fashionable.

So, why Fancyano you ask? Because we offer clothes for rent. When you rent clothes, you are opting for the smartest option. This is because fashion keeps changing every week. And, in today’s world designer clothes don’t come cheap. So, when you rent clothes you can keep up with the fashion and makes your friends green with envy.